Protected Folder 1.2

Protected Folder is a folder/file locker which protects user's privacy and important data from theft, loss or leaks. To lock folder and file, just drag and drop them into Protected Folder's safety box and you can hide and protect them from being viewed or modified.

Protected Folder is an ideal folder locker if you are concerned with the security of you private or important data.
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Keep the folder in the list once it is unlocked, so that you do not need to add it again.

Add automatic lock after you close the program (even with x). Put the program to system tray for qucik access. Auto lock the selected folders and files when computer locks it self.
dusan, 17.12.2013, 07:28
11 votes Vote

Improve protected folder by making it clear where protected folders and files are being saved at. I may

want the default folder to reside on an external drive or other than my boot drive. When the program starts there is no way of telling where a file, folder, etc is going to be saved at. Its ok to be a mystery to those who you are protecting...
Khahhways11t, 17.12.2013, 07:48
8 votes Vote

have it sync up with another protected folder, like Skydrive.

Have it sync-up with another protected folder, like Skydrive or the Box.
mandrakeman50, 17.12.2013, 09:40
3 votes Vote

open directly the folder introducing the pass when I make double click on folder

For example, when I make double click on a protected folder a login window appear for unlocking the folder. I think it is more easy for folder with frequently use, protect and unprotect them with a directly way without open the program.
Clara, 17.12.2013, 14:30
3 votes Vote

Make a Desktop Widget to Drag Files to.

I've always wanted a file locker with a widget because it would be easier to find than an icon if you have several others on your desktop. Make a Desktop Widget to Drag Files to.
Jeff Titamer, 17.12.2013, 15:05
2 votes Vote

have it protect my folders in safe mode as well.

Why protect my folders if it still can be seen in safe mode.
whizzy, 17.12.2013, 17:51